Assisting those with behavioral health-related barriers to employment

Wellness, Comprehensive Assessment, Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) is a unique program funded by New York City's Human Resources Administration (HRA) that addresses the needs of Cash Assistance clients in the Bronx with medical and/or mental health barriers to employment by providing individualized assistance and services. A case manager works with each individual to develop an individualized plan that connects them to a variety of services to fit their needs. Clients may move between tracks during the course of the program, which includes a significant case management component, to ensure that they remain engaged and achieve outcomes. We support employability determinations based on medical documentation and/or a medical evaluation. There are four outcomes of a comprehensive, clinical assessment that will assist individuals with the appropriate Functional Capacity Outcome:

  1. Fully Employable—No Functional Limitations (the individual is employable)
  2. Employable and Clinically Stable—Requiring Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  3. Temporarily Unable to Work—Requires a Wellness Plan to address untreated or unstable medical and/or mental health conditions
  4. Clinically Stable, Permanently Disabled—Unable to Work for 12 or more months due to a medical and/or mental health condition and is potentially eligible for federal disability benefits (SSI)


Our Services

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Some of the many services you can receive through the WeCARE program include the following:

  • Answers to Questions About Public Assistance and HRA
  • Assistance with Childcare Referrals
  • Case Management
  • Identification and Provision of Accommodations For You
  • Internships to Learn and Practice Your Skills (Community Service)
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Job Placement
  • Language Translation During WeCARE Appointments
  • Referrals for Medical Services
  • Résumé Writing
  • Training and Education


If you have a question about eligibility or the referral process, please contact us: 


Phone: 929-234-4700

Program Director: Marcia O’Brien

Address: 2432 Grand Concourse, 5th Floor
Bronx, New York 10458