Strategic partnering across the healthcare continuum

Together with our strategic partners, the CMO is able to provide services to mutually leverage each other’s strengths and extend our solution offerings. We are thoughtful about partnering with organizations that not only share our values but also desire to make a real difference in improving healthcare.

We work with forward-thinking payers on innovative value-based care arrangements by leveraging Montefiore’s academic expertise, extensive physician network and longstanding success in providing comprehensive care to beneficiaries. This has enabled Montefiore to develop solid partnerships to serve our patients across the Bronx, Westchester County and the Hudson Valley region.

Montefiore has also sought out key partners in diverse spaces such as clinical integration, post-acute care, physical therapy and technology. Central to deployment of these partnerships are robust technology platforms to enable complex workflows and to bring advanced clinical decision support and predictive analytics tools that leverage our rich repository of real-time electronic medical record (EMR) data.


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With hand-selected partner organizations that share our vision and mission, we are making a real difference. If you are interested in learning more about strategic partnership opportunities, please contact us.

John Williford
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CMO