Comprehensive training programs for organizations

The Care Management Learning and Innovation (CLI) team serves as the engine that creates and provides training at the CMO. The team is focused on preparing the workforce to excel in delivering quality care that meets the Institute for Heathcare Improvement's "triple aim" standards of population health, both within Montefiore and in other organizations. CLI was created to pursue the following: 

  • Providing quality instruction to internal and external clients
  • Fostering an environment of active learning and collaboration
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation to incorporate the latest developments and trends into CLI training
  • Offering information and findings that contribute to the body of knowledge in population health management
comprehensive training

Customized Training and Education

Care Management Learning and Innovation offers a full spectrum of continuing education and consultative services to support learning and professional development. Our programs include ways to maximize the quality of patient care, innovation and cutting-edge developments in healthcare. Though CLI tailors content to the needs of internal and external clients, the course library generally maps to the following training framework:

Training Framework
Communication Skills 
Optimizing care through communication
Population Health and Care Coordination 
Ensuring safe, efficient patient outcomes
Chronic Care Medical Management 
Helping patients and caregivers learn to manage chronic conditions
Behavioral Health Care Management 
Integrating behavioral healthcare into various settings
Improving Patient Care Through Data Collection 
Utilizing data and analytics to improve the patient experience

A Team-Oriented Approach


Our interdisciplinary team consists of an exceptional collaboration of leaders that includes registered nurse (RN) educators, instructional designers, project managers and administrative support staff. Our team works to provide the following assistance:

  • Perform learning needs assessments
  • Design a curriculum to address the needs identified
  • Customize training content to address the specific requirements of each individual client.
  • Offer training via multiple modalities (in person, via webinars, and in e-learning modules) to create a dynamic and cost-effective learning experience
  • Consult on care management program development to help design and implement effective training programs

Consulting Services to 
Fast-track Professional Development

You can trust our experts to develop, design or redesign program training to best suit the learning needs of a wide range of groups within your organizational structure. Our role is to work with your organization to provide design, implementation and evaluation support for training in a variety of specialty areas. We conduct learning needs assessments to help you discover what training programs work best for your organization. Then, we evaluate and summarize the results. CLI assists with the design and delivery of your curriculum, competency development and more. We can also take on project management to ensure you meet your deadlines.

A Variety of Training Options to Choose From


Didactic live training: attend live training delivered by our experienced RN educators.

Interactive Learning

Interactive E-Learning: these highly successful modules use dynamic interfaces to engage and educate.

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning: train with RN educators using a virtual learning platform.

Train the Trainer

Train-the-trainer: programs are created to keep your educators and leaders up to date and informed of all the latest breakthroughs.

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