Helping parents reduce their child’s high-risk behavior

University Behavioral Associates’ Multisystemic Therapy for Prevention (MST-PREV) Program is a preventive program funded by New York City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) and is dedicated to keeping families together. We work to help parents regain control of their families by keeping teens at home, in school and out of trouble. MST-PREV is an evidence-based treatment program that is proven to reduce high-risk behaviors that place children in jeopardy. 

MST-PREV may be the right fit for you if your teen is experiencing these difficulties:

  • Your teen has been cutting classes.
  • You suspect or know that your teen is using drugs or alcohol.
  • You are worried that your teen may be involved in a gang.
  • Your teen has been arrested.
  • Your teen is not following rules.
  • Your teen is getting into fights.
Reduce High Risk Behavior

Using Your Family’s Strengths to Develop Plans That Last

A master's-level clinician will be assigned to your family and will work intensively with you at home and in the community. MST-PREV therapists carry a small caseload of five to six families in order to be available to families multiple times per week. Your therapist will obtain a thorough assessment of your family’s unique needs in order to collaborate on a behavior plan to reduce your teen’s risky behaviors and reach your family’s goals. MST-PREV therapists work from a strength-based approach and will use your family’s strengths in order to develop plans that are realistic and long lasting.

MST-PREV therapists also view the family from a community lens and will work to establish meaningful relationships with community organizations and make referrals to address needs in all aspects of your family’s life. Services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Childcare Services
  • Domestic Violence Services and Resources
  • Educational Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Mental Health Services (e.g., individual/family counseling for adults and children)
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

MST-PREV cases are reviewed weekly by a team of clinicians, their supervisor and a specialized MST consultant who is dedicated to ensuring that the highest quality services are delivered and adhere to the MST model. Treatment goals are revised on an ongoing basis with your MST-PREV therapist, in addition to Family Team Conferences that are aimed to support families in discussing progress and identifying any outstanding needs.

Program Eligibility

The MST-PREV Program is designed for families who meet these criteria: 

  • Teens between the ages of 10 and 17 who are engaging in delinquent, aggressive, truant or substance-using behaviors and who live at home
  • Parents who are willing to participate directly in intensive (up to three times per week) services, even if their teen does not regularly participate
  • Families who reside in the Bronx 
  • Families who are willing to participate in comprehensive assessment and treatment planning

Frequently Asked Questions

That is okay! MST-PREV’s success is based on working directly with parents to establish behavior plans that are developed without your teen's being present. Buy-in from your teen is a bonus, but your teen does not need to be present for each session.

Weekly intensive assessment and case management services are designed to help families who are struggling to develop the skills and resources to ensure that children will remain safe in the home and to prevent children from entering foster care.

  • Many families in UBA’s MST-PREV Program are referred by New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).  
  • If a family is already working with ACS, the family can ask the ACS worker to receive services from UBA, as long as the family meets the eligibility criteria described above and are not involved in another preventive program.
  • Other families are referred by mental health providers, legal providers, schools or other community organizations.
  • We also welcome families to contact us directly to obtain more information about services.

The program provides preventive services to families who live together in the Bronx with a child age 12–17, and who are struggling with keeping their teens at home, in school and out of trouble.

UBA is located at 334 East 148th Street in the Hub section of the South Bronx, conveniently located near public transportation. While sessions can occur at our office, services are primarily delivered in the home and nearby neighborhoods.

Services are typically provided for a period of four to nine months, but it can be shorter or longer depending on families’ needs. 

Yes, please ask for details.

Yes, we have Spanish-speaking therapists and can also use a translation phone as needed.


Many families will be referred by New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services or other community providers. However, families interested in receiving preventive services from UBA are welcome to call and inquire about their eligibility to receive services.  

To obtain more information, please contact the UBA MST-PREV Program directly:

Phone: 718-401-5060
Toll-free: 877-401-UBA1
Address: 334 East 148th Street
Bronx, NY 10451